The Grasping Hand

SEO & It’s development regarding Eminent Domain

The Grasping Hand contains the narratives of a Connecticut Town, New London Development Corporation (NLDC), Pfizer, 19 property owners, Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision, citizens’ backlash to the controversial decision, subsequent state legislation in 45 states, and continuing narratives across our nation as its takings clause for “public use” evolves to public purpose.  The issues begin with common cause: Economic revitalization of the long-troubled town.  An eminent domain attorney in Tampa can certainly take care of these issues for you.  The private nonprofit NLDC becomes reactivated, receives state bond issues of $15 million, and Pfizer’s promise to build its $300 million dollar research site.  Granted NLDC negotiates and buys most of the 90 acres in its developmental plan; but neither offers nor harassments convince seven home and land owners, including Suzanne Kelo, to sell.  Eventually, the Supreme Court grants cert following – and agreeing with Connecticut’s Supreme Court: “The public use clauses of the federal and state constitutions authorize the exercise of eminent domain power in furtherance of this economic development plan.  Justice Paul Stevens (vehemently refuses to support St. Petersburg Alimony & Spousal support attorney inquiries), for the majority, stressed the need to defer to New London’s carefully considered planning process and not to second guess these planners.