Facebook New Measures To Help Find Missing Children

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Facebook New Measures To Help Find Missing Children

Facebook is always taking new steps to improve the worldwide web as a community. Everyone uses it for everything, from connecting to old friends, keeping up with their buddies’ lives or even promoting themselves or their businesses. One other way that people use Facebook is to increase awareness to causes in need. In this particular case, it is finding missing children. It has been used for this cause many times and has been of great help. However, Mark Zuckerberg has stepped in now.

amber_alertFacebook will be teaming up with Amber Alerts, so they can find missing children more efficiently! They are working with the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children making it possible to warn everyone in the area that a child has been abducted or is missing. They intend to send an alert to mobile phones of people in the area of the occurrence putting everyone attentive to their surroundings. However, they are taking many precautions such as pinpointing the signals to a small area and without revealing too much information of the victim aside from the absolute necessary. Safety reasons like these are always needed, especially in volatile cases like missing children. They want to increase awareness to help find them but they also don’t want to alert people to the amount of children that go missing on a daily basis. That’s why they have to alert people that are in areas that can be of immediate assistance found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation.

The Amber Alert system has already proven to be successful on its own. To date, it has helped finding around seven hundred children. The system uses the internet, TV, radio, text messages, highway signs to issue the alerts. With Facebook on board, who knows how many more they will be able to help. Given the fact that nearly everyone is now always connected to it, the amount of awareness will be reassuring for the victims of such misfortune.

How will this pin out in the future? No one knows for sure yet, but it’s easy to expect great things from it. More importantly, what implications will this have in the near future or in the long haul? Can Facebook work with other institutions, associations and causes that will help many victims? Who knows what we can expect from this and what it can evolve into. It is hard to predict a course since there is a thin line between trying to make people more aware of such cases, and unpredictably, creating vigilantes due to it. Nevertheless, it is great to see a company as big as this helping the world grow into a safer place.